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In the coming years, the relationship between people and companies will change dramatically.

The first wave of these changes will come as a result of work-style reform.

Many women have chosen to quit their jobs when faced with the realities of childcare or nursing care. In the future, people in general, regardless of gender, will be faced with a multitude of life choices. Working freelance will be one viable option for adapting to the various changes in one’s life.

The second wave will come as a result of the 100-year-life era.

Dramatic increases in our average lifespans have made it so that we must now plan for 100 years of life. It will become natural for us to want to slow down, to choose to engage in things like childcare, nursing care, and replenishing our energy reserves, so we can live our entire lives in meaningful ways.

The third wave will come as a result of accelerations in technological advancement.

Technologies are evolving now faster than ever, and it has become increasingly common for technologies to become obsolete in as little as several years. As such, companies are under pressure to incorporate as much cutting-edge, professional expertise as possible, as quickly as possible.

Our goal, in this kind of context, is to realize a society where people, regardless of whether they are parents or caretakers, can all work together. A society where we can work wherever we want, and a society where we can pursue our dreams. The kind of society where everyone can live in a way that is true to themselves—that is the kind of society we want.

From the company perspective, this means the advancement of open innovation, through cooperation with professionals outside of the company. Open innovation stimulates growth in these companies, and creates new jobs. This is our vision.

We know that in the future, as more and more people are faced with important life decisions, freelance will be a career option weighed by many. Our goal is thus to create a platform for freelancers that is both good for the individual, and good for the company.

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