About InProGroup

InProGroup was named with these principles in mind.

Professional Group

Our professionals at InProGroup, while maintaining a strong sense of professional responsibility, make use of their experiences working at the forefront of business and utilize cutting-edge methodologies in their work.Moreover, because InProGroup is a group of independent professionals, there is less need for internal adjustments and less sales-based pressure, meaning each consultant can work with a purely client-first mentality.This allows our professionals and clients alike to focus on the tasks that are truly important.

Independent Producer

As an organization of management producers, InProGroup will work to create a variety of projects and businesses.We will introduce new businesses and projects to encourage communication and create new jobs.


Normally independent professionals come together for a single purpose, form a team, and work on a project together—like an improv jazz session.InProGroup wants to adapt to this way of working. In an era full of change, we believe it is important to be flexible, to be able to improvise, to provide the best solutions.