Privacy Policy

Article 1 (Personally Identifiable Information)

“Personally identifiable information” is information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual, such as name and date of birth, among others (including that which can be used to uniquely and easily identify an individual when aligning it with other forms of information).

Article 2 (Registered Persons)

“Registered persons” are individuals who, upon agreeing to this website’s Privacy Policy, entered and submitted Personally Identifiable Information.

Article 3 (Management of Personally Identifiable Information)

In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personally identifiable information and prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and/or leakage, as well as engage in the proper rectification of a leak should it occur, InProGroup Co., Ltd. engages in the appropriate management of such information. The personally identifiable information of registered persons can only be viewed by those authorized by InProGroup Co., Ltd..

Article 4 (Responsibility for the Security of Personally Identifiable Information)

The responsibility for the security of personally identifiable information is as follows: InProGroup Co., Ltd.
Administrator Responsible – Shinya Fujimura

Article 5 (Purpose of Collecting Personally Identifiable Information)

Personally identifiable information collected from registered persons is used only for the purposes listed below.

  1. Contacting potential clients
  2. Introducing freelance work and/or providing related information
  3. Introducing freelance work to members, and/or providing information to clients in order to provide relevant information
  4. Providing services that accompany our main services
  5. Providing information in the form of email newsletters, etc. that accompanies our main services
  6. Collecting information on the level of service utilization by registered persons
  7. Collecting opinions, requests, etc. to improve the quality of our services
  8. Sending out information about our services, surveys we are conducting, etc.

Article 6 (Use of Personally Identifiable Information)

InProGroup Co., Ltd., except in the cases listed below, will not reveal the personally identifiable information of a registered person to a third party without the consent of the registered person, and will not use their information for any purpose outside of what is lis

  • If it is required by law
  • If it is necessary to protect an individual’s life or property, and if it is difficult to gain the consent of the registered person
  • If it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health and/or the healthy development of children, and if it is difficult to gain the consent of the registered person
  • If it is in compliance with the carrying out of laws and regulations of a government institution, local public organization, and/or affiliate of the aforementioned, and if gaining the consent of the registered person may impair the carrying out of such laws and regulations

Article 7 (Provision and Deposit of Personally Identifiable Information)

The provision of personally identifiable information collected through the request/registration forms to a third party will be in accordance with the purposes of use defined in the Privacy Policy agreed upon by the registered person. Moreover, when providing this information to a third party, this company must bind the third party to the necessary contracts and engage in any measures required by laws and regulations.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)

InProGroup Co., Ltd. acquires personally identifiable information for the purposes listed in Article 5. It may not be possible to provide registered persons with work-related information and various other services if they do not enter or submit all of the fields that are required in the request/registration forms.

Article 9 (Disclosure, Revision, and Deletion of Personally Identifiable Information)

InProGroup Co., Ltd. will promptly take the appropriate measures if there is a request by a registered person for disclosure, revision, and/or deletion of their personally identifiable information. If a registered person wishes to revise the information they sent via their request/registration form, they may do so by submitting another request/registration form with their updated information.

Article 10 (Contacting Us)

For any questions or comments concerning our handling of personally identifiable information, please contact us at the email address below.
Email Address:

Article 11 (Policy Alterations)

InProGroup Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make alterations to this Privacy Policy without prior warning to registered persons.

InProGroup Co., Ltd.
(published March 12, 2018)