Consulting Service

Our professionals at InProGroup provide support for businesses throughout the world, whether it be through projects for business strategy, operations, reform, or organizational structure.

Quality Assurance

We often hear that hiring freelancers is risky—that there can be great discrepancies in ability depending on the freelancer. InProGroup, in order to dissipate these fears, acquires personnel and manages projects according to the following policies.

  • Most of our group is made up of people recommended to us by people we trust
  • InProGroup maintains a close relationship with its members, and is aware of everything from the members’ personalities to their future career plans
  • In order to ensure the quality of our projects, InProGroup will remain involved throughout the duration of the projects

Flexible Contract Types

We will set up project teams comprised of people with the appropriate experiences and skills to answer to your needs. You also have the option to work with one of our professionals on an individual basis. Though our contract types can be tailored to your needs, we also want to introduce two common types of contracts in this industry: “Project-Based Contracts”, “Advisory” and “Referral”.

Cost Advantage

It is possible to acquire workforce when you need it, for just as long as you need it. Labor costs, which are generally fixed costs, become for this reason variable costs for you. We are also able to provide our services at a reasonable cost because you can limit work content and hours to what is truly necessary.

Impartial Standpoint

InProGroup professionals are also not encouraged to “sell” their projects. This means that they are able to commit to and work with their clients from an objective, impartial standpoint.

Examples of Projects