What We Can Do

We can help through the following stages.

01 Shortlist → 02 Negotiation → 03 Due Diligence → 04 Post Merger Integration

01. Shortlist

We can help you build a longlist as well as a shortlist based on Japan's standard database and interviews.

02. Negotiation

We can join meetings with potential business partners so we can discuss what to do next or report to you on progress. (project management)

We can search potential business partners (eg., banks), but not necessarily introduce them.

We cannot negotiate on behalf of your client as an agent.

03. Due Diligence

We can help you with business due diligence.

We cannot help with other types of due diligence.

04. Post Merger Integration

We could help you merge smoothly after acquisition. For example, we could join change management task forces and work together with your client members to accelerate growth.

We will work closely with you and your client throughout.

Longlist and Shortlist

We can help you build a longlist as well as a shortlist based on Japan's standard database.

Universe → First Screening → Second Screening



  • Shikiho
    ・~4,000 listed companies
    ・~19,000 non-listed companies
    ・both of the above and more ~36,000 companies
  • TSR(Tokyo Shoko Research) / TDB(Teikoku Data Bank)
    ・many more companies

First Screening

Selection Criteria (example)

  • Revenue Size
  • # of employees
  • Services Profile

→ Longlist

Second Screening

Selection Criteria (example)

  • Revenue Size
  • Industry Verticals
  • Transaction Type

+ phone interviews

→ Shortlist

Note: All information is not available for all companies. We might need to make cold calls or visit potential partners during the phase of second screening.

Before and After Investment

We will work closely with you to provide support both before and after your investment.

Due Diligence

Professionals with experience working in strategic management consulting firms will work through the due diligence process for your investment.

We will also provide support in the form of company valuations, using a combination of whichever methods you prefer (EBITDA Multiple, DCF, etc.)

In addition to evaluating and appraising your business plan, we will also create documents that will be of use to you in your negotiations.

Post-Merger Integration

InProGroup members will work as part of your post-merger integration team, to help drive company growth.

We offer project-based contracts, in which we list out the issues first, as well as an advisory contract, in which we provide adaptive solutions according to your circumstances. Our quick and flexible support mechanisms will bring change from the bottom up.

More detailed goals will be set after a discussion of your current circumstances.