We listen every step of the way to our client's wishes, and set up projects that will lead to detailed and realistic courses of action. Our goal is that our professionals, in addition to having the necessary skills, be people with whom you would want to work again. We are able, additionally, to provide attractive pricing options, even compared to the leading firms, because our project teams are made up of independent professionals.

The fact that these professionals come together only for specific projects, eliminating unnecessary fixed costs, which means that each member can focus wholly on their own projects.

  • We believe that there is never just one way to solve anything. For this reason, we keep a close line of communication with each client, and structure and implement projects in line with what is most appropriate for that client specifically.
  • The professionals at InProGroup are evaluated solely by the results they are able to produce for their clients. Because they are each independent, they recognize the direct effects that client evaluations have on their careers.
  • InProGroup professionals are also not encouraged to “sell” their projects. This means that they are able to commit to and work with their clients from an objective, impartial standpoint.
  • We eliminate indirect costs to the best of our abilities. For this reason, most of the compensation we receive goes directly into the project itself, which produces the results.