For Independent Consultants

InProGroup strives to create an environment in which each consultant can focus wholly on their clients. We place particular importance on the following points.

  • Collaboration amongst highly-skilled and highly experienced professionals with great self-management skills
  • A work environment that eliminates unnecessary stress and allows consultants to focus on their clients
  • Experiences and projects that help shape career paths
  • Projects and assignments that utilize individual strengths
  • A clear focus

Working Together

The consultants of InProGroup are independent, but do not necessarily work alone. Though each consultant works as a professional, working styles are flexible, with consultants producing a variety of results depending on their projects. Working with fellow consultants will provide a stimulus for you.

InProGroup is also characterized by the following points.

  • All of the consultants at InProGroup are independent. They can work for InProGroup, and they can work elsewhere.
  • Each of them decides for themselves what work they want to do, and at what timing. InProGroup supports each of these consultants in their career paths, wishes and passions with regards to their work, and their overall life plan.
  • For this reason, we strive to maintain an understanding of their values, work attitudes, and lifestyles.
  • Like our clients, we also respect the life histories and non-consulting-related experiences that have made our consultants who they are.
  • We believe that “strong teammates” are people who bring about change. “Without this person, we couldn't have done this job.” This is the kind of feeling we want to create.
  • Moreover, there is, of course, no sales quota. We make it simple--focus on the project in front of you, and produce results for your clients.

Application Guidelines

InProGroup seeks to combine the advantages of freelance work--flexibility and management of one's own choices, decisions, schedule, and work-flow, with the advantages of conventional consulting firms--opportunities to challenge oneself with vital, cutting-edge tasks for self-growth, and a stimulating environment comprised of people at the tops of their industries.

Though most of InProGroup’s projects are currently conducted within Japan, there are also opportunities for overseas projects and business trips. We await applications from those with flexibility in their working styles.

If you are interested in working for InProGroup, send us a quick overview of your employment background and current situation/wishes through the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.