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InPro Community

InPro Community

InProGroup also hosts social events for members to communicate with one another. These events help create a cooperative community, with members confiding in each other about their issues, and learning from each other as well.

We believe that in this new 100-year-life era, there will be more and more people that work freelance for at least some portion of their lives. Network-building is essential to this kind of work. At InProGroup, part of our job is to "produce" the encounters of various talented individuals in the InPro community.

Examples of Social Events

  • InPro Luncheon (lunch with small numbers of people)
  • InPro Seminar (workshop/study group by volunteers)
  • InPro Party

Anybody is welcome to participate in the InPro community. If you wish to participate, send us a message through the "For Clients " form on our "Contact Us " page below.