We would like to introduce some of our members. In addition to these members below, we also have NPS® experts, data scientists that specialize in AI, organizational development experts, doctors, as well as people experienced in elderly care, IT entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship in China, among others.
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Representative Shinya Fujimura

  • Worked at Bain & Company, organizing M&As, conducting feasibility studies, and investigating investment opportunities in developing countries. Worked for Bain's New Delhi office in India. Started up InProGroup while managing the think tank/consulting firm Fujimura Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. Currently engages in business strategy, operations, and organizational reform projects for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, ICT, finance, and the public sector. Provides support to clients at a wide variety of business stages, from venture companies, small and medium-sized businesses, to large corporations.
  • Received a Bachelor of Science in physics from the Universiry of Tokyo
    Received a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Areas of specialty: M&A (from due diligence to PMI), new business development, geoeconomics
  • Industries of specialty: cutting-edge technologies, the public sector
  • InProGroup is operated by Fujimura Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Seungchul Seo

  • Before joining Bain & Company as a consultant, Seungchul worked with international organizations in Korea, Fiji, and Myanmar and took charge of, among other things, new business launch and negotiations with government authorities. At Bain, he worked at Tokyo and Chicago offices, got sponsored for his MBA study at Kellogg School of Management, and did an externship with a venture capital in Uganda. He then left Bain and held key positions at Groupon, the KDDI group, and the Rakuten Group, where he led acquisition and PMI process of AIP Corporation, serving as Executive Vice President of the company.
  • He completed his undergraduate study at School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, received a M.A. degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, and did his MBA study at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
  • Areas of specialty: launching of new businesses, international market development, organizational development
  • Industries of specialty: ICT, the public sector (non-profit organizations)

Jiro Yoshino

  • Worked in the Sales Section of Dentsu Inc., Cabinet Councilors' Office on Internal Affairs National Commission on Education Reform, and Dentsu Communication Institute Inc., until becoming independent in 2013. Served as account executive for a leading manufacturer of consumer goods while working in the Sales Section of Dentsu, and engaged in the marketing, promotion, and branding of their main brands. Currently the Japan Representative and Executive Director of the Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives, which is bringing about innovation in all of Asia through leadership education. Was selected to be a Fellow for the AILA International Fellows Program in 2015 by the U.S., Washington D.C.-based think tank CSIS. Has also been selected as a Fellow for the Young Leadership Program, hosted by the United States-Japan foundation.
  • Graduated from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics
    Received an MPA from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Areas of specialty: communications strategy, marketing
  • Industries of specialty: media, the public sector (government/government agencies, educational institutions)

Seigen Hagiwara

  • Worked as a data scientist/big data evangelist at Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd., actively utilizing big data and AI in business expansions and the launching of new businesses, while simultaneously conducting collaborative, industry-academia-government research as chief researcher for the R&D organization “Recruit Institute for Next Generation Education.”
    Also serves as director for the start-up company FUTUREWOODS, which aims to promote business innovation through the use of big data and AI, where he engages in business strategy consulting and data analysis.
  • Received a Master of Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School (Environmental Science and Technology Major)
  • Areas of specialty: data science (AI, big data, IoT, etc.), the launching of new businesses
  • Industries of specialty: cutting-edge technology, ICT, web (EC, media, ad tech, etc.)




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