The Professionals of InProGroup

InProGroup is comprised not only of people who have experience working for consulting firms, but of people who have many years of experience working on-site, at the front lines of business. We aim to hire professionals who are energetic and responsible, with a flexibility that allows them to adapt to any situation.

InProGroup members also engage in tasks throughout the world in a variety of industries, whether it be business strategy, operations, reform, or organization consulting.

Professional Responsibility

InProGroup professionals, in addition to their skills and experience, share an awareness of themselves as professionals, and take pride in their commitment to their work.

Building Relationships and Flexibility/Adaptability

In addition to sheer ability, skill, and experience, InProGroup demands of its professionals the ability to build relationships with clients, and the ability to adapt their work styles to each client.

Thinking and Acting, Globally and Locally

Many InProGroup professionals have had experience working in various areas of the world. Their experiences on-site have allowed them an intimate in-depth understanding of each country and their regional markets.




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